Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Heart of St. John Marie Vianney

I'm just back from a wonderful one day pilgrimage to Knock Shrine where the relic of the Cure of Ars (his heart) was present for the day for public veneration.

Today was day 3 of a four day pilgrimage of this relic to Ireland. The relic arrived at 12 noon and prayers and veneration went on until 2.30pm. Then at 3pm in the Basilica Mass began. The Celebrant of the Mass was Bishop Philip Boyce of the Diocese of Raphoe (a Carmelite) and he was assisted by the Bishop of Ars, several other Irish Bishops and by (I'd estimate) 120 priests.

It was such a joy to be with my brother priests for this great occasion as we venerated our patron saint. Many of the lay faithful and religious turned up also - of all different ages. Not a bad turn out for a Tuesday!

Bishop Boyce gave a fine homily and the whole experience left me re-enthused (is that a word?) and one line of the homily that hit me like a freight train was the question the good bishop asked and answered: If a bishop were to ask the Holy Cure what he must do to ensure that renewal takes place in his diocese - the Holy Cure would say: Ensure all you priests become saints!! I may be misquoting him somewhat - but that's the jist of it.

I love Knock at the best of times - but this visit of the relics of St. John Marie Vianney were extra special and couldn't come at a better time for the Church and the priests in Ireland. I am sure that the Holy Cure is obtaining countless graces for his brother priests in Ireland in these days and - please God - well into the future.

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