Friday, January 29, 2010

Mary, The Priest and Saying Yes

Just as Jesus called St James and the other apostles he also calls each one of us. Each one of us... has to understand and believe: "God is calling me, God is sending me" From all eternity God has thought about us and has loved us as unique and unrepeatable persons. He calls us and his call comes to us through the person of Jesus Christ who says to us, as he said to the apostles: "Come, follow me". He is the Way which leads to the Father!Yet we must recognize that we have neither sufficient strength, nor constancy, nor purity of heart to follow God with our whole life with our whole heart. Let us ask Mary, who was the first to follow the path of her Son, to intercede for us.
(Pope John Paul II, Compostella, Spain, 1989)

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