Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prayer by Pope Benedict XVI

"Father, let there be amongst Christians
many holy vocations to the priesthood,
to keep alive the faith
and guard the grateful memory of your Son Jesus
through preaching his word
and administering the Sacraments,
with which you continually renew your faithful.
Give us holy ministers for your altar,
who can be attentive and fervent keepers of the Eucharist,
sacrament of the supreme gift of Christ for the redemption of the world.
Call upon the ministers of your mercy,
who, through the sacrament of Reconciliation,
spread the joy of your forgiveness.
Father, may the Church welcome with joy
the numerous inspirations of the Spirit of your Son
and, meek to your teaching,
may it take care of the vocations to the priestly ministry
and the consecrated life.
Support bishops, priests, deacons,
the consecrated and all those baptised in Christ,
that they may faithfully fulfill their mission
in the Service of the Gospel.
We ask you to do it through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Mary, Queen of the Apostles, pray for us!"

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